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    How to isolate the vibration of the self-priming pump to achieve the effect

    2020-11-27 16:43:48

    Installation of self-priming pumps Newly-installed pumps should be equipped with vibration isolation measures and not be lazy, otherwise a lot of vibration and noise will occur during use. The self-priming pump is noisy when it is running, which will damage the equipment and cause noise pollution. Therefore, vibration isolation must be done. How to isolate the self-priming pump to achieve the effect?

    1. Vibration isolation components should be symmetrically arranged according to the central axis of the self-priming pump unit. The plane arrangement of rubber vibration isolation pads can be arranged clockwise or counterclockwise.

    2. When the vibration isolation element of the unit adopts six support points, four of which are arranged at the four corners of the inert block or section steel frame, and the other two should be set on the long side line, and their position should be adjusted to make the compression deformation of the vibration isolation element Be as consistent as possible.